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The gambling industry is expected to continue to grow in 2023. Main European associations predict an average growth of 7% in applications and 34% in global gambling revenues. What tools do companies need to keep up with the trend? Expert advice is shared by Slotegrator business development manager Ayvar Gabidullin. 

Curiosity in online gaming has always been defined by invention, and 2023 should be no different. With interest in iGaming at an all-time high, there are many provocations to give players new gestures, so Slotegrator looked at the most striking trends that can be foreseen shortly. 

In the next 5 times, we will see 2 main trends. The first are casinos in the metaverse. Preconditions were set for this before, some companies rented space for this result in the past, “Dmytro Kryvorchuk, head of the Sales Team at Slotegrator. 

An alternative trend is VR products, for which there has been great interest in gambling in the past. Some start-ups offer these results and the application is starting to assume and act in this direction. Of course, the prospects then are huge. 

Trends in 2023

The Changing Payment Ecosystem:

After the collapse of the FTX international exchange in November 2022, many experts believe that interest in cryptocurrencies will decrease. But their concern may be unseasoned players who are used to using a wallet in the past, and cryptocurrencies continue to spread around the world. Those who supported cryptocurrency doubt that they will return to cash payments and the obscurity crypto offers are widely appreciated. 

Attracting Digital Natives Through Mobile:

Gamers love having everything they need to play online and hang out on their smartphones. According to the analysis department of Slotegrator, up to 30 % of requests from new guests come mainly from the mobile platform of online casinos. 

This puts Slotegrator’s Telegram Casino 2022 product at the top of the list for those opening an online gambling platform. For owners of classic land-based web pavilions, this is a new opportunity to attract more and more digital natives.

The Coming of New Kinds of Games:

Simply offering seats is no longer enough. To remain competitive, service providers prefer to keep producing completely new types of games. These include NFT integration or free-up player creativity, as Aviatrix launched its crash game in October 2022 with a customizable NFT token. 

An Update on the Concept of Live Dealer Games:

The massive move online was partly due to the epidemic, but playing live dealers will continue to be in vogue long after restrictions have eased and life has largely returned to normal. It used to be a must-have choice for online casino owners, as many players trust live dealers more than a random number generator (RNG).

The Decline of the Trend for Brick-and-Mortar Casinos:

Opening a casino on the Internet has become much easier, and the list of advantages is a good indication of why so many entrepreneurs are doing just that. Online casinos can target a global cult, player obscurity is guaranteed and the most popular features are now seen digitally first. Gaming and 3D design are also important tools to attract new guests.

The Interest in Stream Betting is Growing:

Industry experts predict that this trend has a bright future. Such a result should indirectly increase the confidence of the players in eSports in general and make the gateway (stream games) format more popular.






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