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  • Role of Crypto in the Growth of the Casino Industry

    Image Courtesy: Traxer Casinos and money used to make payments are both going digital as the globe moves fast. With the advent of the blockchain, there has been a major shift in online casino technology and business. Numerous casinos with the highest RTP prices accept cryptocurrencies, increasing the effect.  Cryptocurrencies are very common in Canada, […]

  • How Massive is the Casino Industry?

    Foreword The accuracy of the commercial casino industry has increased significantly in recent decades. Thanks to the continued legalization of gambling conditions and the growth of experienced savings, certified casinos in many global countries and states have expanded to new applications and brought record-winning numbers.  In 2021, the amount of casino desire and online gambling […]

  • Gaming and Gambling Trends

    The gambling industry is expected to continue to grow in 2023. Main European associations predict an average growth of 7% in applications and 34% in global gambling revenues. What tools do companies need to keep up with the trend? Expert advice is shared by Slotegrator business development manager Ayvar Gabidullin.  Curiosity in online gaming has […]

  • Legalization of Gambling in the USA

    Image Courtesy: Dusan Kipic Gambling in the United States is subject to several legal restrictions. In 2008, the layout generated US$92.27 billion in gross revenue (the difference between totals played minus money returned to players, or “earnings”). The American Gaming Association, a diligent trade group, reports that gaming in the United States is a contribution […]

  • How Technology is Improvising Casino Industry

    Image Courtesy: Carl Raw However, you’ve probably noticed how important diligence has become recently if you enjoy playing casino games online. Back in the day, online casinos were truly a novelty wonder and relatively far from today’s standards. Thanks to technological advancements, they have come a long way and now offer a gaming experience that […]

  • Evolution of the Casino Industry

    Image Courtesy: Ben Frost Online casino games have come a long way since the early days of telephone network connections. It all started with downloading and playing introductory PC titles with the original discs. Over time, as online gambling evolved, cyber surfing games powered by Flash and Java technology became increasingly popular.  Nowadays, online titles […]

  • 5 Ways That Robust the Casino Industry

    Image Courtesy: Chris Liverani Crypto Rules At this point, it’s safe to say that crypto is not a fad and the gaming industry has considered that. Many online gaming platforms already accept cryptocurrency for gambling and payments, and we believe that many new gaming platforms will come on board in the coming months.  For many […]